Pipette Service Pricing

Tek-Pette offers our best service, every time, without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. We never use confusing pricing schemes or hidden charges.

All service includes at no additional charge:

  • Replacement of worn seals, o-rings, and friction rings
  • Cleaning and inspection of exterior and interior parts
  • Calibration performed at three separate volumes (maximum, middle, minimum)
  • Comprehensive calibration reports for each pipette with lifetime backup
  • Smudge-proof label including calibration date and due date

[4-4-4] FOUR samples recorded at three volumes

  • Single Channel Pipettes - $20
  • Multi Channel Pipettes & Repeaters - $39

[10-10-10] TEN samples recorded at three volumes

Recommended for clinical, forensic, and all other test result laboratories meeting ISO 17025,  CLIA, and CAP requirements.

  • Single Channel Pipettes - $25
  • Multi Channel Pipettes & Repeaters - $60

Repairs:  If major repairs are needed, additional replacement parts such as barrels, tip ejectors, and pistons are available and can be quoted as needed.

Payment Options:  We gladly accept VISA, MasterCard, purchase orders, and checks.

Pricing Quotes:  We are happy to provide quotes or estimates if needed. Simply fill out our Quote Request Form, and a PDF quote will be emailed to you.

Another company is advertising a lower price - What's the difference?

While it's natural to seek out the best deal, beware of budget-priced companies with tempting low prices and bulk discounts. Unfortunately, there are companies who sacrifice crucial measures in the servicing process, and use inferior replacement parts or equipment to cut overhead costs. These corner-cutting measures often lead to unreliable calibration and pipette performance, resulting in downtime while your instruments are out of service.

Tek-Pette understands how important your work is, which is why we never sacrifice quality to undercut the competition. We offer our best service at a fair price, without using confusing service options or hidden charges.

Need more convincing? Visit our testimonials page and hear from our satisfied clients who use and endorse our services.

Multi-Year Contracts Available

Tek-Pette offers multi-year service contracts, which can be convenient for using grant money before it expires. Please contact us to make arrangements.