How often should I calibrate my pipettes?

Most brands of pipettes have minor parts, such as seals & o-rings, that must be replaced on a regular basis to ensure the pipette maintains it's precision & accuracy. Some brands may require other methods of care, such as applying lubricants to ensure repeatability and proper everyday function.

Regular pipette service can also greatly extend the overall life of the pipette, adding years to it's lifespan, and saving you money in the long run.

A good rule of thumb is to have your pipettes cleaned, serviced & calibrated every 6-12 months, especially if you use your pipettes daily.

I have a wide range of brands and models. Can Tek-Pette repair and calibrate them all?

Yes, Tek-Pette services ALL makes & models of pipettes. This includes multi-channels, repeaters, & electronic pipettes.

How do I select the correct tip for my pipettes?  Does this matter?

Pipettes and tips are not all the same. In fact, even universal tips do not fit every pipette made. Since the correct fit of tip to pipette is critical to obtaining published accuracy and performance, you must consider both when purchasing either.

This is even more important for multi-channel pipettes, as using the correct tip is crucial for obtaining a proper fit across all channels. For multi-channel pipettes, we always recommend using manufacturer-specific tips when possible.

My pipette is leaking.  Why?

There are a few possibilities:

Your pipette could be dripping or leaking because there is corrosion inside of your pipette. Your seal is no longer working correctly; therefore you need internal cleaning and maintenance of your pipette.

Sometimes dripping or leaking is also caused by a shaft issue. Tek-Pette can identify this problem by changing the seal and then interchanging the shaft.

Additionally, the tips that you are using may not be right for your pipette. Manufacturer's brand tips are always recommended to ensure a proper fit.  If using another brand, make sure they are fully-compatible.

What are some recommended handling techniques for pipettes?

  • Always store your pipettes upright. Leaving them flat on the bench can cause corrosion.
  • Never lay the pipette on its side when liquid is in the tip. This could cause the liquid to enter the shaft and piston area of the pipette, which will result in corrosion.
  • Always abide by the volume usage specified by the manufacturer. Do not try to use a 200ul-1ml pipette to draw up 50ul of liquid. Additionally, never dial the pipette above it's maximum volume.
  • Do not open the pipettes, they can easily lose calibration when opened and are no longer covered by the warranty. Also, it is easy to lose small parts that are often spring-loaded.
  • Calibrate your pipettes, at least, on an annual basis to ensure that they are in specifications and cleaned thoroughly. This will greatly extend the lifespan of your pipettes.
  • Draw up liquid every so often and keep it in your tip at vertical. Count to 10 and make sure that your pipette is not leaking. If so, call Tek-Pette to fix your problem.

How do I know if my pipette is in calibration? What are published specifications?

Specifications are established by the manufacturer.  They guarantee, in terms of accuracy and precision, the performance of all pipettes of a given brand and a given model at a certain volume setting.

Accuracy - is the ability of a measuring instrument to give responses close to a true value.

Precision - is the ability of an instrument to provide closely similar responses (measurements).  Precision is also referred to as repeatability and/or reproducibility. 

Tek-Pette's state-of-the-art calibration software contains up-to-date manufacturers specifications for precision & accuracy, for all makes & models of pipettes.  Our detailed reports show these specifications, as well as how your pipette compares after testing.  Our calibration guarantees your pipette will exceed manufacturers specifications for precision and accuracy.

Tek-Pette's prices seem slightly higher than some companies, why is this?

Tek-Pette prides itself in offering our best service, every time. That means no confusing levels of service, deceptive pricing tiers, or hidden charges. With Tek-Pette you'll never have any unexpected surprises when you get your bill. We strive to do things the right way, which means providing the highest quality service at a competitive price. Being the cheapest option simply isn't our goal.

Budget-priced calibration companies often provide lower initial prices by only taking some of the vital steps it takes to ensure proper calibration, or by charging extra for benefits that should come standard with any service. Additionally, these companies often use inferior replacement parts or equipment to save costs and overhead.

Tek-Pette only uses premium manufacturers-brand parts, and the highest quality polyethylene seals & o-rings available. We never use generic or lower-quality parts. It costs us more, but you deserve it.

We are so confident in the quality of our work that we back every pipette with a full one-year guarantee.

Have a question you'd like us to answer?  Email us, and we'll try to include it in our FAQ.